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Station 103.1

Tuning My Soul to God

September 24, 2023

Pastor Charles Stoddard

Many times when we get in the car we tune the radio to a station to hear songs that reflect the state we are in or the state we want to be in. Our Soul, that part that is deep down in you that is who you really are and the part the longs for so much really does need to be cared for. God has placed the book of Psalms in the Bible for Soul Care to minister to your longing soul. Get ready to tune into Station 103.1.

Tune for Success

September 24, 2023

Pastor Charles Stoddard

We all want to have success in every area of our life. We can read how-to books, watch videos, and even pay for an advisor. Yet, God knows the Way for Success and Offers to be your Partner!

Get In on the Goodness

October 8, 2023

Pastor Charles Stoddard

God's Favor and Blessings are available, do you want them? Yes, I want in on this Goodness! David pulls back the curtain and shows us how to get in on God's Goodness all throughout our lifetime and beyond.

Your Royal Wedding

October 15, 2023

Pastor Charles Stoddard

Our hearts get weighed down and crowded with all the issues of life, yet there is Someone much greater than those issues and He has a future and a hope for us. It?s time to take a moment and contemplate with the Psalmist on the Glorious Coming of Christ to take you to Your Royal Wedding with Him!

The Good Shepherd

October 22, 2023

Pastor Charles Stoddard

So much of life's circumstances and challenges are out of our control is a fact that many of us can identify with and it causes us so much frustration, pain, worry, and fear. David, a person well acquainted with these feelings, reveals that our soul can be soothed with the contemplation of the Lord being our Shepherd.

Station W.O.R.D

October 29, 2023

Pastor Charles Stoddard

That which we feed will be nourished and flourish; that which we neglect will be strained and lacking. This principle is the same with our Soul and Life. In Psalm 119, God reveals how to have your Soul and Life strengthened so that it is nourished and flourishing! Go for It!

You Promised Me!

November 5, 2023

Pastor Charles Stoddard

We should know and stand on God's Promises to us as we seek God?s Help in our distress. There are over 8,000 promises in the Bible. The Apostle Paul says that all the Promises are established in Christ and are Yes and Amen.

His Faithful Love Endures Forever

November 12, 2023

Pastor Charles Stoddard

God responds when we sing Him this song! Let's learn it and sing it. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His faithful love endures through all circumstances and time.

More Than A Feelin'

November 19, 2023

Student Pastor Mac Coleman

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