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First Time Visitor


Church welcome greeting

Sunday Services​: 9:00am | 10:45am

Location: Church Auditorium, located under the main large awning

When you arrive

Our door greeters want to welcome in and open the doors for each person that comes in. You can expect warm, energetic smiles, a hand shake, and a few greetings.

When you enter the lobby, enter through the first set of open double wooden doors to the sanctuary. Our sanctuary greeter will provide you with a paper guide to the morning's sermon and church announcements. Feel free to sit anywhere you like.

Before service begins, feel free to enjoy a small refreshment of coffee, water, milk, juice, cookies, mints, or other provided goodies. Bathrooms are located at the back of the Auditorium lobby.

During the service
  1. Worship

  2. Turn to greet your neighbor

  3. Church Announcements

  4. Worship

  5. Sermon (Pastor Charles Stoddard): Bible verses and main sermon points will be provided on the overhead screen. You can follow along by the printed listening guide that was handed at the sanctuary door. OR follow along and save your own digital notes from our "Southside Paragould" app (available both in the Google Play Store and App Store).

  6. Invitation: During this time, we welcome everyone to come kneel at the steps of the stage to have a moment of prayer just between you and God. You are welcome to pray at your seat. The worship band will play during this time. If you need additional support, don't hesitate to ask one of our church family members to come with you for prayer. It is a privilege and honor to support and lift each other up in prayer. If you have made a decision to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, have a desire to learn more about baptism, or have another other additional questions, please feel free to step over during the invitation time to Pastor Charles. He would be happy to talk more with you and pray with you.

  7. Closing word / Worship

Visit the Next Steps kiosk

Location: Middle of the Auditorium lobby in front of the blue accent wall.

We would love to meet you and provide you with a first-time guest gift to thank you for coming. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Want to get connected? Ask about our Sunday school classes, small groups, and serving opportunities. When we follow the Biblical model of a healthy relationship with Christ, we're called to meet together and grow along side other believers. Let's do this together!

Stay in the know!

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1. How should I dress when I come to Southside?
In whatever casual and comfortable clothes you have.

2. Will I be singled out as a visitor?
Absolutely not! No name tags or embarrassing recognition. You can slide in and participate at your own comfort level.

3. How will I know where to go when I get there?
Southside has greeters and ushers stationed throughout to assist you at any time.

4. What about my children, what do I do with them?
You can choose whatever is comfortable for you. If you have an infant or toddler, Southside provides a safe and caring Nursery for your convenience. If you have an elementary aged child, Southside also provides a dynamic Children's Worship service that is designed just for them. If you prefer to have your family worship together in one service, that is okay too. You choose.  We are here to help you.

5. What kind of music and songs will be used?
Worship at Southside includes a full band that plays a variety of songs that are contemporary. No hymnals are used. All the words are displayed on a huge screen so you will not get lost. Although participation is encouraged, you may just observe and not sing if you wish.

Come Visit Us!

Southside Community Church

2211 Jones Road, Paragould, AR 72450

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